The Pillars of Wellbeing

Wellness seems to be a word banded around a lot at the moment, this “wellness trend” we are all in the middle of.  Wellness this, wellness that.  How about taking a step back and looking deeper than your wellness?  Wellness is just how well you are, how you are absent from ill health, lets look at your total wellbeing - it goes a whole lot deeper.


Your wellbeing is actually held up by the 12 pillars of diet, physical, detox, stress, relationships, emotions, integrity, energy, spirit, your space, community and environment.  So much more than juices and hours in activewear than the instagrammers show I am sure you will agree.  This total wellbeing really is an inside job, the question is often where to start.


Looking at all these pillars and ranking how each of them is out of 10 is a great way to start, and even better way through the puzzle is to answer 10 questions on each from which your score comes- a wellbeing coach (oh hey - thats me!) will be able to help you with this as well as come up with a plan on next steps - elicited by you and your life, what works for you as an individual.


The theory goes that your wellbeing can only be as high as the lowest pillar that supports it.  So you can be absolutely smashing your physical wellbeing with a PT, eating all the correct foods, living clean, and yet your integrity could be super low as you turn up to a job you really don't resonate with for forty hours of the week (lets call it 50 as this is the real world we live in, where even if we leave the workplace we stay connected through invisible threads, each notification and ding drawing us back mentally).  So your total wellbeing is dragged down by the low integrity rating on your life, not living that dream.  


Now just stop right there before you hand in your notice, there are ways and means of dealing with this kind of thing in a gentler, progressive way. As difficult as it can be in these days of instant gratification, take your time on this and reap the benefits. Building up each pillar slowly and with strength makes for a more stable foundation, ergo more stable wellbeing.  This is not a crash diet.  This is not a fad.  This is for life.  It may well need adjusting as you go through life too.  Coming back to it every three or so months just to check in with how life progresses and adjust where necessary.


We are all too aware of life changes, some feel good; new jobs, new relationships, new cities,  some less so; injury, break ups, moving house, redundancy, pain in the bum neighbours.  Some feel small as a individual thing, but if any of these stack up with anotherwithin the same pillar of wellbeing then the effects can be greater than anticipated.  The straw that breaks the camels back. Likewise a change in home (hello london rental market!) could a completely ramp up your environment score meaning perhaps it is another pillar that you need to turn your attention towards as it is now that area that is lowest. 


What i am saying here is it is short sighted to rest on your laurels and presume your wellbeing is a done deal once you feel you have found your way there.  There is always movement in balance (if you don't believe me stand on a single foot for a moment) and it is learning to move within your balance that is going to bring strong and resilient wellbeing. So prepare yourself to shift and change, be aware of what makes you fly, perhaps ditch or lessen your time doing things that don’t.  Build your pillars strong and you will roll much easier with life, a firm foundation, deep roots, makes the tree blow in the breeze much more easily.  Build your pillars strong and even, roll with the winds of change.

Pip Roberts