Wellbeing through the darker days

Winter continues on, after the excitement of the festive season, the resolve of January, February can feel longer than its 28 days.  Try the following to restore vibrancy.

Get out

The weather may not be conducive to many outdoor activities this time of year (although my mother used to say there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing) but a mindful walk under the skies can do well for your body in more ways than any other exercise would.  Allowing your body and intuition to tune with the seasons makes attunementof everything else much easier.  If outdoors is really not an option then allow yourself as much time as possible in view of the light of the day, or treat yourself to a natural light lamp, these circadian rhythms are essential for mental health.

Take stock

These darker days when we have less to distract us and more time for us take some time to evaluate your life - by looking at various aspects of it that hold up your wellbeing you can see where you are blossoming, and those areas where that need a little attention.  Working with a wellbeing coach could be the ideal way to ind your route to total wellbeing on your terms, personalised for your life with your ideas.  By making small changes in areas of you life, for example food or purpose, a huge impact can be felt across all the other parts that make up your total wellbeing.

Eat seasonably

This is true for all year around, but in this day and age it is all to easy to ignore what the natural local harvest is offering up to your body.  Supermarkets “spoil” us with options of out of season vegetables with large air miles in all months making this once easy lifestyle switch a little more cerebral(there was no choice for our ancestors, they ate what the environment they were in produced).  Make life easy by buying from a local organic store (most do delivery if asked) with good ethical credentials.  Soups and stews make perfect use of the root vegetables that are plentiful at this time of year and are very warming.  The added bonus being that you need not leave the office at lunchtime if you've prepared a weeks worth at the weekend, meaning no queuing in shops and you can do something worthwhile with your lunch hour that nourishes you in ways that food cannot - meditate or move!

Say no

This one is simple.  Learn to say no to things that will not nourish you or energise you, physically or mentally (at least half the time!).    You don't need a reason for not doing something just a simple decline of an invite does the trick.  Lets say it all together now …. “No”.

Quiet time

Nature is great at showing us what to do with our bodies.   Now is the time to draw in and observe, find stillness within our bodies. Although meditation can often be very challenging the journey of discovery to find a way that you enjoy meditating is often half of the fun: drawing, sitting, breath work are all accessible ways in, even eating can be done mindfully.  

Book a flight

There is nothing like the promise of sun to perk up the darker months (..... maybe a yoga holiday in April is just what is required?!)

Pip Roberts