Pack your Bags - what to take on retreat

People fall into 2 types in my opinion... those that love to pack an organised selection of items and those that lob everything into a bag last minute.  I am definitely second camp.  Which is no longer serving me so well as I live in two cities and my belongings are between 2 homes.  So here I am attempting to pack for my own holiday and pulling together a list of things I should be packing (but obviously can’t find/ are in the wrong city) so I though I would share.


Yoga clothes - check if where you are going has a washing machine you can use, to keep the outfit numbers down.  I tend to wear an outfit for restorative one afternoon then again for a morning session (probably best not to do the other way around as you’ll be putting on sweaty kit) I would suggest minimum of 3 even if there’s  a washing machine. These absolutely don’t have to be matching “outfits” but you do need to be able to move in them. 

Super cosy jumper (maybe wear one to travel in too)

Underwear and socks.

Your good socks. The ones that make savasana 100% better. Reserve these just for savasana/meditation sessions. 

Swimsuit - hot tubs/saunas/swimming pools/surfing all require one.

Travel yoga mat - I rate the manduka eco travel mat, super light and foldable plus excellent eco credentials, I have had mine for a few years now and it’s still going strong.

Clothes to wear in the evenings, I am usually driven by comfort in my choices here. Hello jumpsuits and more “loungewear”.

Cosmetics and toiletries that work for you (make up is a non esssential but bring it with you if you like) repackage it all in smaller bottles so there is non of that single use plastic nonsense in your wash bag.

Pyjamas - you may well be sharing a room, even a bed.  Some people don't like sharing a bed with a naked stranger.....

Earplugs - for full peace (and because your roommate could be like me who chatters whilst sleeping)

Notebook and pen - it is when we slow down that all the great ideas land in our brains, when we create the space we can create. Bring writing tools so these “downloads” are not forgotten.

Easy slip on shoes/sandals

Trainers or boots for hikes

Water bottle - this goes everywhere with me these days


An outfit that makes you feel amazing, because you will be feeling amazing and why not get something on that amplifies this feeling.  I love my grey marl leggings but it feels good to break out of them once in a while. I usually pack something good for that final dinner of the experience.

Blanket - I really like my own blankets to travel with, also my favourite souvenirs to bring back from travels. Serves as a pillow, shawl, savasana cover, extra blanket on bed, meditation head cover, seat for meditation.

TOP TIP - if flying easyjet book speedy boarding so as you can squeeze an extra bag with you on the plane.  Its not about sitting on the plane longer or getting off first but bringing additional luggage.

Pip Roberts