And Bloom - everyday wellbeing for spring

Winter has finally come to an end, and now we can begin to thaw, and perhaps check in with ourselves and where we are heading this year.  Here are a few useful everyday tips for you for Spring  hailing from Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and good old personal experience, and, rather importantly I believe,  you don't need a pantry like Gwyneth Paltrow to integrate these into your daily living ,

There is a chinese saying: "Chun wu qui dong” - what do you mean your Chinese isn’t that great?!   This roughly translates as “bundle up in the spring and stay cool in Autumn” In essence stay warm and wrapped up as the season starts, be slow to peel away those layers, ensuring that you build yang energy within ready for the summer months. 

Wake up early - before 7 am is recommended by ayurveda. to make the most of the spring energy.  

Start the day with a warm drink - I love golden mylk or hot water with lemon and ginger orrrrrrr I’m a little excited by my new discovery this winter -  turmeric active tea by pukka herbs.

Climb onto your yoga mat for a dynamic yoga practice, allow yourself to build heat with twists, cleansing pranayama such as kapalabhati or lions breath are good practices to intersperse with your asana.  It doesn’t need to be a 90 minutes practice - 3 minutes is better than nothing.  Lets be honest 3 minutes is amazing if you have a job, a commute and maybe children.  3 minutes is enough time to connect.

Meditation in the form of movement is welcome this time of year as the energy begins to rise - try a shake out meditation or simple repetitive flows.

Light warm meals are your friend in spring - emphasis on bitter and astringent foods to “dry out” that winter dampness according to ayurveda.  Think soups and warm light salads, plenty of greens. 

Ensure you are getting enough live foods in your diet - fermented foods will top up your intestinal biome, so essential for wellbeing and often knocked off balance in winter through illness and medicines, get on the kombucha and kefir, eat up that kraut.

If you feel like a reset diet wise is in order - this is a great time of year to do a cleanse - check out kitchari recipes rather than juice cleanses which are too cold and tough on the system. Jasmine Hemsley has a great recipe here

Saunas are an excellent way to remove the accumulated damp of winter plus a lovely antidote to the British weather of late, as well as a rather lovely way to relax into the new season. 

Begin to make plans now for the year - so many false starts happen in January when our energy is at its lowest point, now is the time to put your masterplan into action and sprout all those ideas that have lain latent.

And relax into your being, know that when the time is right for you, you will bloom.


Pip Roberts