Spring Yin Practice

Take some time to allow your energy to adjust to the season - this short and simple yin sequence is designed to energise into your liver and gallbladder meridians - the organs associated with wood, the Traditional Chinese Medicine element of Spring.


Take some time out of the pace of life and slow in a yin practice.


Please, as ever, if you are practicing with or around injury or illness ensure you practice ahimsa - non harming - and listen to your body.  If it feels wrong, do not do it - maybe even message me so we can find you an alternative?


To start with setlle into seated position for a few minutes and allow yourself to just be present with the breath to gather your whole self to practice.  Any seated position will do, feel the tall spine, the soft jaw and let your belly welcome the breath to it.  Let the breath flow freely, with maybe a gentle sea like noise to it so as to help your focus remain still.  Then take each of these positions for up to 5 minutes each.  

Please pause in each position at the point you first begin to feel sensation - not the deepest experience of the pose that you can draw, gently gently for these long holds or your body may not be so happy a few days later.


Fancy joining me in person for the summer sequence?  More info here


Butterfly with open arms.


Soles of the feet together, draw your legs into a diamond.allow your arms to spread outwards so as to open up the heart space too.  Maybe place some blocks or books underneath the knees so as to stop the thighs overworking.



Take your right ankle and place over the left knee, left hand to right knee and rotate the right knee towards the floor on your left side.  Pause in the place you begin to feel a sensation. Right arm extends out and away.

Repeat on the other side.



Taking a hand to each foot (or around the back of the thigh) allow the knees to draw in the direction of their corresponding armpit.  Option to let your bottom curl up off the floor, or ground through the length of the spine as you are doing this, see which feels better for your body that practice.


Sleeping Swan

from all fours, draw the right knee behind the right hand and the right foot behind the left hand.  Take some time to slowly move around the position until you find a variation that suits your hips and thighs and lower back.  Go on the feel not on the look.  Maybe support yourself with blankets so as to feel steady.



A brighter version of savasana for the lighter months.  Legs and arms spread wide then surrender to the floor.  

All pictures taken post Bloom retreat in our Riad, Taghazout, Morocco - taken by the lovely retreat collaborator Jade Jasmin

Pip Roberts