The heat is on - everyday wellbeing in summer

Right now we are enjoying a long and hot spell.  My welsh blood is screaming for coolness and rain.  Here are my favour ways to deal with summer heat, both energetically and temperature wise.  This season is governed by the energy of the heart and the small intestine so take time to help these energies rebalance to avoid angry flare ups, emotional unbalance and exhaustion.


Forget 2 litres of water, and just keep drinking all day to keep yourself topped up, its a great idea to have a jug on your desk as a visual reminder, even if you arent outsude in the sunshine remember that air conditioning can be extrremely drying for the body, so even if you are not hot, you are still being dried out.  Leave out the ice - ayuveda says this is a big no-no.  Try watermelon and cucumber juice to take in extra minerals lost in sweat , stay away from tetrapaks of coconut water - so bad for the environment in terms of the packaging and the air miles of the product.


Eat light and eat seasonal.  Nature always provides us with what our bodies need - so enjoy a glut of leaves, cool greens and all the stoned fruits that are in abundance during these months, they also help hydrate you, 



Sitali breaths (or sitkari) are a wonderful way to cool you physically but also mentally, so great for us with anxieties and for those times we get a little het up and angered too.

The Inhale:
If you can roll your tongue then sitali is for you (that's down to genetics btw) so roll it and breathe in through your tongue, almost like drinking through a straw. If you can't roll your tongue then the sitkari version is your friend, gently place your tongue between your teeth and again suck as if you are sucking a straw.
The Exhale:
Then breathe out through your nose. Repeat a few times. Pause. Feel. It's cool yeah? Thank me later 😉

Don't over do it

Enjoy the rise in energy that we all feel at this time of year, the most yang season - but be careful not to over do it and deplete your yin energy within your body. We all need time to rest - make sure you step away from the huge momentum of the summer energy and take time for you.  Yin and restorative practices are invaluable when the heat is on. A retreat day is a really good way to ensure that you have time for you in the diary (why not join myself and Hayley Mia at the Soul and Surf "yoga sessions" on August 4th?).


Wake early and sleep early, get some good blackout blinds to assist you with settling earlier in the evening.  As our circadian rhythms shift we can end up exhausting ourselves.


Meditate with your attention on the third eye - the yang ting - the passage way to the mind to help even out unbalanced emotions and remain cool calm and collected.  Behind your closed eyes allow your gaze to move towards the space between your eyebrows, breathe deep, settle for a few minutes and if your mind wanders simply draw the focus back to your third eye.

Pip Roberts