Why Retreat?

The idea of a retreat was something I definitely baulked at in my twenties.  This was when holidays were a time for partying with my friends; definitely not a time to restore and replenish my body.  I always returned in need of another break from the real world.  I could only imagine a load of hippies being 'woo' and eating lentils, not my thing at all.  Obviously times have changed, and I am a very happy retreater these days.  And its not all lentils I promise.

Retreating gives us time back to just be.  The stationery nature of the week or weekend, time in one residence is something I rarely have in my world.  The endless plans, the full diary.  Giving yourself a weekend of stillness in the location sense is a rare thing, allows our bodies to calm down, those stress hormones stop pounding.  We rest and recalibrate.

Deepen your yoga practice (I know that phrase is a terrible over used 'yogaism') but many classes planned to go together by the same teacher in a short period of time will do this - take you to places you've not been before.  And I do not mean finally making it to turtle pose, because thats not going to change your life, I mean feeling deeper, understanding more of what the teacher is saying, finding joy in your practice, inspiring you to get on the mat more when you return home and continue on this virtuous circle you have started upon.

Start healthy habits.  Healthy vegetarian meals you do not have to lift a finger to prepare?  Yes please!  Saturday morning existing as you are hangover free? To many people a weekend without alcohol is  a rarity, Saturday morning being pleasurable a new thing.  See how this brighter lifestyle fits with you.  Feel your high energy levels when you return to the real world.

Retreats are something you can do solo.  Totally. In fact I would suggest heading there on your own so as you can integrate into the group with ease, there is no resting in comfort with your mate you bring along - get in there, meet new people, make new friends. Immerse yourself into the experience, you are likely to get much more.


Pip Roberts