Are you wanting to increase your wellbeing?  Not quite sure where to start on the whole process? Just know that you want to do something to feel healthier, have more energy, eat better, be following your true path?

Pips approach to wellbeing coaching is easy!  Through thorough evaluation of all 12 pillars of wellbeing, from diet through to family through to detox, you and Pip can decide on what changes you can make.  This is when the ethos of easy comes into play.  Choosing whatever you think is easiest to change as your start point.  By starting with the easy stuff you can see a shift in your state with less effort from yourself (sounds good?). Over time, as you work along with this principle you do end up tackling the less easy parts you identified, but as your wellbeing is really taking off, these things seem easier as your life and your body knows which way things are heading - the easy way!

Beginning her coaching career within a corporate setting back in 2009 using NLP and coaching techniques to enable people to better their personal and business performance working towards their next step careerwise, Pip now brings these skills to wellness.  Wellbeing is such a personal thing, what works very well for one person may be a non-starter in another hence the need for a personalised approach.  By eliciting your goals and working to your timescales, on a one to one basis, you can see a real and effective change. 

Sessions are available over skype globally.  Please do get in touch via email for a free introductory session.