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Sweet dreams - a yin yoga workshop at Wild Wolfs

Sleep. So essential an activity. But such a complex relationship that so many of us hold with it.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, or at least trying to…..

Any of the below resonate?

That wake up in the small hours that leaves you tossing and turning until dawn, watching the clock shift minute by minute, until the alarm goes off and then tiredness descends again.

That total frustaration as your body finds it really difficult to begin to slow down at bed time - may as well stay awake and watch another episode of the OA on netflix then right?

It is finally bedtime after the standard - too long - day, you are tired and so unbelievably ready for some zzzzzzz’s but as soon as your head hits the pillow thoughts begin to race, all those wild and wonderful thoughts galloping through your brain. Where were those ideas for that work project when you needed them at 2pm? Why are you having a theoretical arguement with somebody now (but do you really think they could win?!)

Your appetite is wildly  large, your snack habit is waaaaay out of hand, packets of biscuits disappear when you near them. Who knew you could eat so much?? This constant feeling of hunger you are feeling may well be because you aren’t getting enough quality sleep.

Your brain fog never really lifts through the day.

Your Monzo shows that your most frequented place is the your local coffee shop (naturally its an independent, not a multinational chain) for your caffeine hit, that bitter nectar that keeps you going through the day. 

Mornings come around waaaaay to fast, and you are groggy and tired no matter what your days hold.

What if I said it doesn’t have to be like this? That you may wake up one day bright eyed and bushy tailed, able to leap up out of your bed and start your day buzzing with energy.

This 2 hour workshop will arm you with skills - meditation, breathwork and yin yoga practice - that you can use at home to find a deeply restful nights sleep. Super simple practices that you can use again and again and again. Real yoga for the real world.

Pyjamas not essential but of course welcome. (just wear clothes you can move in)

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