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Yoga Nidra for Wintertime

A yoga nidra written for the darker, quieter months. Four times more restorative than sleep at a time of year when we tend to do too much and sleep too little this 19 minute audio will replenish you. The intention behind this practice is to bring you energy - so probably not the best nidra to use pre bed (you can find a nidra for that in my blog section). Use this one when you wake, during that afternoon lull or just before you head out to *another* party.

Tool yourself up with a blanket and cushion, put the phone on “do not disturb” and press play. No fancy anything required for this. Take care x

Deep dive into the water element

Come and Dive deep within..

Water is the element associated with winter in TCM, and the cure to the dryness of this vata (air) season in Ayurveda. So this month we are going deep into the water element within my latest nidra (yogic sleep practice). I spent much of the last few weeks head submerged behind the book “sensitive chaos” a beautiful work showing patterns that both water and air flows through and how these ripple through nature’s forms. Anyway, I penned this nidra whilst assimilating the book watching the sea.

A nidra to ease you out of winter stagnation and to find life’s flow again.  Probably not a nidra for just before bed.



Feeling tired? Frazzled? in need of rest?  Take 20 minutes to restore with this yoga nidra.  A beautiful practice four times more restorative than sleep.  A practice I return to again and again.  One asana only - savasana, corpse pose, lying flat on the back so as to allow energy to flow freely.  If you have a tight lower back maybe pop a cushion or bolster around the back of your gently bent knees to keep things comfortable.


Now lie back and listen.  You're welcome x