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Hey there, social butterfly!

We know know you’re usually too busy to come to these kind of things.

Your life’s like a carousel.

You’re waiting for your chance to get off this wild ride so that you can catch your breath.

But your diary shows no signs of stopping.

You-time is like a mirage in the sahara desert.

When you do get time off; you’re either exhausted, ill or you don’t know what to do with yourself.

What happened to that work-life balance that you keep promising yourself?


Before you get lost in more madness.

Take a break from the hustle.


We’ve got a little something for you.

Something that will slide into your schedule so that you’ve still got your weekend ahead of you.

Wanna get back in the flow lane?

Break away from your normal.

See how it feels to free yourself from your routine.


Join us for Ritual Remedy.


We’re going to give you a morning that’s totally uncomplicated.

All you need to do is show up.


Here’s what’s going to happen:

Wolf Sister will guide you through a crystal healing meditation with citrine. Citrine is the patron crystal of people pleasers and procrastinators. It’s the cheerleader of the crystal realm and will turn up the volume to your confidence, creativity and will give you the courage to say Yes! to your big goals. You’ll get your own crystal to hang out with and take away.

Together, we’ll be infusing some magic into the session with a spring ritual to align you with the season and bring your intentions to life. This will be fun, simple, mindful and grounding ---- We’re going to keep the rest of the details as a surprise.

Pip will guide you through an energizing and yet easeful yoga practice (all levels welcome).

There’ll be snacks and high-vibe drinks.

You’ll leave feeling ready to take on the weekend… and quite possibly the world.


Saturday 24th March at EC1 House, 45 Mitchell Street, London EC1 9.30 - 1


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