Self Love Club -  a day retreat with Jade Jasmin, Pip Roberts and Wolf Sister

January 28th 2018 - EC1 yoga near Old Street  1000 - 1600

Let’s admit it, there are some days when self-love is easier said than done. Life gets in the way and there’s emails to send, friends to meet, babies to look after, deadlines looming, oh yeah and that never-ending-ever-evolving-to-do-list. #toomanygoals  Another day goes by where you’ve put yourself to the back of the queue.  Too busy being everything to everyone else that you’ve forgotten to be your own BFF.   Self-love may be a journey and not a destination, but for one day we’re making it a destination.  This is a one-way ticket to immerse yourself in all of the things that you’ve been promising yourself. 

Like, … more yoga. .… more nourishing food. … more getting in touch with your intuition.  … more body positivity.  … more time out.   All of the things that you know will keep you in the flow-lane and feeling inspired. Wrapped up beautifully into one day.  Whether it’s to kick start positive habits or just to soak up a bounty of good vibes.  We’ve got you, babe. 

What’s included:
2 yoga sessions - Flow (am) + Yin (pm) with Pip to work into and activate the heart energy
Crystal healing meditation + ritual w/ Wolf Sister
Seasonal organic lunch + an abundance of healthy snacks for you throughout the day
Facial massage workshop w/ Jade

…. And a whole lotta love. 

It starts with you giving yourself permission to have a day off (and booking your ticket)....  And finishes with you feeling beyond relaxed, recharged and probably looking 10 years younger after Jade’s facial massage workshop!  Are you in?