Day Retreat - Bristol

  JUNE 23 1000 - 1630  with Dominique Picot and Pip Roberts at the Radnor Rooms, St Nicks, Bristol


Confused how over winter happiness was a swift return to the nest after a day at work and now the longer days are here a brief catch up with a friend turns into a night out …. Several times a week.

This burning of the candle occurs at both ends, as the ever present work piles up and there is a real want to get it completed before the summer break begins, when holidays, families and all these social events collide. Life seems somewhat chaotic all of a sudden.

Slow down.  Take a breath.


It is time to stop saying yes to each and every invitation that comes and begin to choose the ones that nourish.  This is a one way street to over indulgence (which sounds much more appealing than the ‘social bloating’ actually is…) Choose the ones that call you. The ones that leave you feeling really good afterwards.


Take a day to drop the mask you that is being worn whilst “efforting” socially day after day after day….


Come back to feeling and moving from those feelings, rather than a plan hatched weeks or even months ago ago. Tune in to intuition again. There is no need to rush.  Let the layers lift, tap into heart energy and that power within.


Join us on June 23rd, midsummer - the perfect day to punctuate the summer plans. A day full of ease, no straining, no pushing. Feeling your way into effortless, expansive movement in a flow class, before organic seasonal vegan lunch outside under the (hopefully blue)skies. We will create our own smudge sticks using a sage and rose to take home and use to clear energy from our own spaces. Then a delicious 2 hour yin to drop armour and feel the true essence of heart, guided by a heart chakra sound bath and beautiful meditations to manifest around the space that has opened up.







What people said about the first instalment of our day retreat

“I feel totally rejooooved”

“The perfect day”

“As well as two expertly-led yoga sessions, drinks and lunch were exceptionally delicious and the massage- bar- making meditation was inspired: All in all- great day.”




Pictures of the Spring edition by Judy Lewis Jones