Near Taghazout, Morocco

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April 20-25th 2019 (easter weekend so excellent use of annual leave!)

On 19 April the full moon will light up the skies over Tamazirt by Amayour and in honour we will kick off our five-night pink moon yoga retreat on 20 April 2019 with Pip Roberts in the Anti-Atlas Mountains near Taghazout, Morocco.  

The effects of a full moon can be felt for 3 days either side, so we are gathering for the pink moon, the day after it reaches its full ripeness for this retreat

As with my everyday yoga practices, this full moon retreat will be slow with feeling. As always, options are available for all bodies and yoga levels.

Start each day with a morning “lunar namaskar”, a steady-paced and slinky flow, working with the elements to find resonance with the cycles seen and felt in the skies above. Slower than the classical sun salutations, these free-flowing, more restorative, moving meditations are easily adaptable to the day’s energy levels and yogi experience.

Afternoon/evening practices are more restorative, and mostly floor based, designed to literally refill your cup. Expect plenty of bolster hugging and yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

Throughout the six-day retreat, there will be two yin workshops:  

A deep dive into the water element: A journey into the fluidity of the water element within the depths of body through a yin yoga practice, submerging ourselves into subtle movement within stillness. This is perfect for those who are planning a surf lesson throughout the week.

New shoots: A yin practice for spring, to re-enliven the inner energy, and leave you feeling energised and ready for real life at home, whatever it holds.

Practice is always about being and feeling, rather than doing. Exploring pathways into our bodies, seeking that connect in rather than zoning out.

Any questions please email Pip@piproberts.com and we will go from there or book now choosing the dates 20 - 25 April 2019 here



  • Fresh and wild modern Moroccan meals with breakfast, lunch, dinner and fruit snacks included. Contact us for vegan and gluten-free options

  • 90-minute morning flow

  • 60-minute evening restorative class

  • Yogic events such as a guided practice to meditation, mindful walks

  • Use of swimming pool

  • Guided tour of Agadir souk mid stay

  • Extra excursions such as surfing and Paradise Valley can be added.

  • One-way airport transfer from Agadir Airport or Bus Station

  • Yogamatters mats, bolsters, eye pillows & blocks

  • Retreat runs from Saturday – Thursday. If you wish to extend your stay in Taghazout, extra nights can be added at our sister property, Amayour Surf Hostel



€400 in a six-bed share room

€425 single bed in a triple (shared room)

Private rooms:

Small double €700 (single occupancy) €900 (shared occupancy)

Master Double €800 (single occupancy) €960 (shared occupancy)

Ensuite Double €825 (single occupancy) €1100 (shared occupancy)



Spaces are limited.

Any questions please email Pip@piproberts.com and we will go from there or book now choosing the dates 20 - 25 April 2019 here