Pip offers vibrant, thoughtful and relaxing classes stemming from her intuitive self practice and varied inspiring trainings  (having trained with the British wheel of Yoga in hatha, flow with Tara Stiles and Shiva Rea and yin with Norman Blair). Her group and private sessions are guided in a clear and useful way that provides encouragement, confidence and space for discovery. Pip is a dedicated practitioner with a playful edge and always brings a smile to class while providing a contained and flowing yoga experience.  Classes are laid back, energetic and have an open vibe, with an emphasis on what feels good for the individual on the mat.

Hailing from a background in life sciences this biological filter is applied to the eastern terms, drawing West and East together and collaborating in explanations. Practice always adapts to what is required on the mat that day whether it be hamstrings that need stretching or a more esoteric approach to movement within the body, Pip can guide you.

Pip works extensively on a private basis with clients, please do get in touch if you would like to explore your practice a little deeper on a 'one to one' or a 'one to few' basis.  They say one hours private guiding is worth more than ten hours in a group, so is perfect to help you find your way on the mat, work around injuries or explore those areas that interest you or the movements that challenge you most within yoga.




Flow/ vinyasa

Classes are a hatha vinyasa style, fluid and grounding, moving with the breath.  Natural movement guides the body, no force, just flow. Practice is about how it feels inside not the external shapes we make. Inhale to lift, expand and open, and exhale to move you further into the experience.


Pip also offers yin yoga classes:  Poses (mostly floor based) are held for 5 minutes or more at the position where sensation first appears, allowing deeper connective tissue to respond to the practice.  This slower yoga is such a beautiful, relaxing practice and an antidote to our fast paced time in which we live.



The exploration of meditation is one that pays dividends -  it widens the gap to think before reacting, and ensures actions are in line with bigger goals in terms of health, relationships and work. Aspects of this tend to be shared in easily digestible chunks at the end of physical asana. Meditation is so simple as a concept, all we need to do is practice regularly.